Out with the Old in with
New-to-You Clothes Swaps


What is this you ask?

They are events for the Most Stylish People We Know.

What is it all about?

It is a chance to declutter your closets and bring a readiness for change.  It is a time to do a deep cleaning and at the same time add to your wardrobe.

There have been a number of swaps so far and they are a big success.  Friends/clients/friends of friends come and swap their best 'pre-loved but never wear' designer items/shoes/accessories.

Does it cost?

No it is all free!

Not only is it free but you will be giving back!

In addition to decluttering your closet you will be giving to charity.  All remaining clothes (bags and bags) are given to Dress for Success, the East Side Women's Shelter, Avalon and other worthwhile and needy organizations.

How to?

Whether you are interested in hosting your own swap or you are curious about coming to my next one – Call or email me and I can walk you through it. I have organized a number of these and they are a blast!

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